Sienna Sinclaire is the most entrepreneurial and inventive person in the American adult industry today, having created her own naughty empire. She’s leading the way as the single most diverse and forward-thinking individual in adult entertainment.
Sienna has been in the adult industry for over seven years working as an adult model for her website She’s known for embracing both the glamour and the fetish sides of sexuality. She directs all her own movies on her site and specializes in vintage, burlesque, glamour, fetish and pinup content.
Sienna Sinclaire is certified as a love, relationship and career coach and is getting certification as a sex coach through Sex Coach U. She can help you with dating, self-confidence, sexual issues and more. Plus she’s a veteran writer who frequently utilizes her skills on her websites to help fans with advice ranging from sex to naughty travel tips.
Sienna started her career as a writer when she landed an internship after college for a magazine in London, UK. She loved writing so much that once she returned home to the states she decided to start her own holistic living magazine called "Balance For Today's Woman."
It was only natural that Sienna would be the author of the most-anticipated book on Los Angeles in years, “Naughty Girl’s Guide to Los Angeles.” An indispensible document in the quest to discover the sexy side of the most expansive city in the country, "Naughty Girl’s Guide" is something that could have only been penned by Sienna.
Sienna Sinclaire is a single girl (by choice of course) who has her own online magazine “The Single Girl: Your Naughty Lifestyle Guide.” She writes about all things naughty from topics on sex, relationships, dating, travel, shopping, fitness, being single and much more. Let Sienna Sinclaire help you tap into your inner naughty self by making you feel sexual and gorgeous in and outside of the bedroom.